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Created 20-Oct-15
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You step to the edge, look over, and catch your breath. Adrenaline takes over and, next thing you know, the thrill of adventure consumes you. Welcome to Over the Edge — an adventure for the truest fans! Your reward for raising $1,000 for Special Olympics Virginia is a BIG get to rappel down a skyscraper! www. The annual Over the Edge event in Richmond VA was held at the SunTrust Center. Participants rappelled over this 26 story , 400 ft. high building to help raise money for the Special Olympics. You may download any image by clicking the bottom right of the page or for your convenience you may add an image to your cart and purchase the image in several different sizes. If you have any questions please contact me. If you need a higher resolution of a particular image I can send you one via email. All images are free to download and print! Thank you for supporting such a wonderful event for a fantastic cause!
My husband Jimmy and I have been photographing the event together for 2 years. I am on the roof and he is on the ground.
This was my 4th year in Richmond and my 5th OTE event.
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