Artist Statement: my artistic vision

As far back as I can remember my soul has been irresistibly drawn to images forever frozen in time. My passion for photography, side tracked by the demanding responsibilities of parenthood, has reemerged stronger than ever. As a result of my new found freedom I have immersed myself in learning every aspect of photography that I can feed into my ever thirsting mind.  

I have found that the beauty of life can be captured then set free to form a wholly unique expression of that moment. Through my work, I strive to convey the impact of the moment and to inspire a sense of exploration that intrigues the mind of the viewer. It is my goal that my photography express an uncommon voice that is clear and relevant. I seek to find the little known and rarely seen opportunities that we all tend to by pass without a thought or the least amount of acknowledgement. I look to document not just the thing, person or place but also to express that which makes it whole and integrates it into the fabric of life.