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These guys are so cute and fun. I asked the owner of the farm if I could go out and get up close and personal and he said YES! Wow I had a blast hanging with my "Oreo" Friends!
There were many Double Stuff's and a couple of Triple Stuffs too!
The new calf looks to be a Thin Oreo!

Belted Galloway Cows-0708.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0713.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0720.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0724.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0745.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0747.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0773.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0774.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0776.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0789.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0796.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0800.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0801.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0805.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0809.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0818.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0822.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0843.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0847.jpgBelted Galloway Cows-0848.jpg

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