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Angelica was a delight to work with! She was very reserved in the beginning of our first studio photo but soon relaxed and I was able to capture the pure beauty of her inner essence!
A soon to be graduate of Atlee High in 2016!
Congratulations Angie!
Angie Hoffmann-1489-Formal Drape YearbookAngelica Hoffman-1543-CasualAngelica Hoffmann-8962Angelica Hoffmann-8969Angelica Hoffmann-8970Angelica Hoffmann-8974Angelica Hoffmann-8981Angelica Hoffmann-8982Angelica Hoffmann-8986Angelica Hoffmann-9055Angelica Hoffmann-9056Angelica Hoffmann-9057Angelica Hoffmann-9058Angelica Hoffmann-9059Angelica Hoffmann-9060Angelica Hoffmann-9062Angelica Hoffmann-9063Angelica Hoffmann-9065Angelica Hoffmann-9066Angelica Hoffmann-9067

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